Pleasant Hill Growers LLC

681 Pleasant Street
Dunstable, MA 01827

Mission Statement

Pleasant Hill Growers LLC will cultivate organic strains of craft cannabis for the Massachusetts cannabis market that treat specific medical conditions, using environmentally-sustainable methods.


One of the core missions of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) is energy efficiency, under 935 CMR 500.105(15), and Pleasant Hill Growers intends to far exceed all other currently built Massachusetts indoor cultivation facilities in energy efficiency. The building will be heated and cooled using a horizontal closed ground loop geothermal system.  Electricity will be solar generated by photovoltaic panels on the south-facing roof of the building.  The building will also be connected to the electric grid in order to eliminate the need for a large battery bank that would be required to store energy.  The building will be equipped with a generator and adequate battery back-up power to assure that the facility is never without power.

Plants will be grown organically in soil.  Water for the facility will be provided by an on-site well.  Water runoff from irrigation will be collected, filtered, and recirculated whenever.  Air ventilation from the building will be filtered such that there will be no detectable odor on the outside of the building, in accordance with 935 CMR 500.105.  There will be no windows into the building so that all light provided to the plants is controlled.  The environment will be controlled to adjust light, fertilizer, air circulation, water, and carbon dioxide level.

All plants will be tracked using a state mandated METRC system utilizing barcodes and computer tracking.

Security Plan

Pleasant Hill Growers LLC will implement an alarm and security system in compliance with Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission’s regulations under 935 CMR 500.110. PHG will contract with a licensed professional to design it’s security system . The two access doors will be equipped with security cameras and locking mechanisms within CCC compliance. The exterior doors and parking area will be sufficiently lit and foliage will be kept trimmed to allow for clear visibility of all areas that are under video surveillance.

Interior and exterior high definition surveillance will be conducted of all areas that contain marijuana, plus entrances/exits and the parking area 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Video surveillance recordings will be remotely monitored by the business manager, will be held for a minimum of 90 days, and will be available to the CCC upon their demand.

Only management, employees, and other authorized visitors (ie. contractors) will be allowed access to the facility. They will be issued, and required to visibly display, a visitor’s badge. All visitors will have to sign in using a visitor’s log, which will be maintained in perpetuity.

On-site consumption of marijuana will be prohibited.


▪ PHG and the Town of Dunstable, MA executed a Host Community Agreement on March 25, 2019. ▪ PHG conducted a community outreach meeting on November 6, 2019 and provided documentation demonstrating compliance with Commission regulations.
▪ The Commission received a municipal response from the municipality on June 23, 2020, stating  the applicant was in compliance with all local ordinances or bylaws.
▪ PHG signed a Host Community Agreement with the Town of Dunstable on March 25, 2019. ▪ PHG filed a Special Permit with the Registry of Deeds on January 7, 2020.
▪ Cannabis Control Commission issued PHG a Provisional License on August 6, 2020.

Employees and Contractors

PHG is committed to developing and maintaining a robust policy of inclusivity and diversity at its cultivation facility and to hiring a workforce that is representative and as diverse as the City of Lowell, which is the closest community to the Town of Dunstable that has been designated as disproportionately impacted. Driving this institutional commitment is the recognition that diversity in the workforce is a critical aspect of Pleasant Hill Growers’ contribution to the City of Lowell.

PHG will foster a diverse culture and pledges to promote equity among minorities, women, veterans, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those who identify as non-normative gender identities and sexual orientation. In addition, PHG will make best efforts to employ and advance in employment qualified and diverse people at all levels within the company. PHG is especially aware of the strong and vibrant Latino/Hispanic and Asian communities in Lowell. The 2010 U.S. Census Bureau reported that approximately 50% of the city’s residents identified as non-white. Pleasant Hill Growers’ diversity policies will seek to empower and support this significant percentage of the Lowell community.

PHG anticipates hiring two (2) or three (3) full time Cultivators and two (2) or three (3) part time Assistant Cultivators.