Pleasant Hill Growers LLC

681 Pleasant Street
Dunstable, MA 01827

Future Site of Our Cultivation Facility

Future Site of Our Cultivation Facility

Pleasant Hill Growers LLC (PHG) has a Provisional License from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) for a Tier I license to cultivate cannabis as a Woman-Owned Microbusiness.  Plants will be organically grown in a single building built on private property in Dunstable, Massachusetts.  The building will primarily be powered by alternative energy sources, is set in a private location, and will have the ability to grow up to 3,000 square feet of total canopy of marijuana plants.  PHG will grow from seedling or clone to mature plant and will sell the product at wholesale to processing and/or retail facilities.

Product and Services

Pleasant Hill Growers LLC will cultivate marijuana and anticipates selling raw product to an extraction facility for processing.  PHG will also package flower with its own brand label to sell at wholesale to retail establishments in the Commonwealth.

What Drives Us

Pleasant Hill Growers’ initial interest in cannabis began when Dr. Parkin’s wife, Anne, contracted a version of ALS that is similar to what Steven Hawking had. Mrs. Parkin depended on CBD oil to loosen up her muscles enough for caregivers to bathe and dress her. She could not speak or move at all and muscle atrophy made her limbs fold in toward the centerline of her body. Eight drops of CBD oil placed into her g-tube helped to loosen her muscles after about 20 minutes. PHG hopes that it will be able to help advance research of cannabinoid products. PHG will strive to contribute to the local economy as well as promoting the health benefits of marijuana.

The Cannabis Control Commission has identified communities in Massachusetts that have historically been disproportionately impacted as a result of marijuana being illegal. The City of Lowell is the closest community to Dunstable that has been designated as disproportionately affected by the Commission. More specifically, an area of Lowell known as The Acre has been especially hard hit by the war on drugs. Many of the community’s residents are socioeconomically challenged. Accordingly, Pleasant Hill Growers will exert its best efforts to contribute to uplifting The Acre Neighborhood in Lowell; so that residents of this community directly benefit from the development of the Commonwealth’s growing adult-use cannabis industry.

The Center For the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), which is a national organization, believes that “the well-being of children and families is directly impacted by whether they live in strong, stable, inclusive, and supportive communities”. In order for families to thrive, CSSP works to transform systemic forces that negatively impacted communities and led to inequitable outcomes. CSSP has established a framework called Strengthening Families. In addition to strengthening families, it is a strategy to enhance child development and reduce the frequency of child abuse and neglect. CSSP works to engage families to increase the resilience of parents. It provides social connections, parenting and child development education, concrete support in times of need, and works to boost the social and emotional competence of children.

Pleasant Hill Growers is committed to the missions of the Center For the Study of Social Policy. PHG believes in the concept of “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life”. In pursuit of this objective, PHG will partner with The Coalition For a Better Acre (CBA). CBA is a “boots on the ground” organization that embodies the values of the CSSP. The Coalition For a Better Acre provides workforce training, youth programs, civic engagement, community building enterprises, and financial counseling that directly assists the residents of The Acre neighborhood in Lowell.

PHG will partner with CBA to positively impact residents from the Acre who have been identified by the Cannabis Control Commission as disproportionately harmed by the criminalization of marijuana. These groups have been defined as (i) Past or present residents of disproportionate impact as defined by the Cannabis Control Commission; (ii) Commission-designated Certified Economic Empowerment Priority recipients; (iii) Commission-Designated Social Equity Program Recipients; (iv) Massachusetts residents who have past drug convictions;and (v) Massachusetts residents with parents or spouses who have drug convictions.

What Sets Us Apart

Pleasant Hill Growers is committed to helping to develop strains of cannabis that treat specific medical conditions.  In partnership with plant geneticists we will create cultivars to alleviate, for example, migraines, crohn’s disease, and nausea associated with cancer treatments.  Currently, institutions and companies that receive federal funding cannot research the positive health effects of cannabis products without risking losing federal funding.  PHG will be poised to work with biomedical companies to market trusted, safe, and effective strains for a variety of ailments.